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Our Dive Experiences Return

Our Dive Experiences Return

Our Dive Experiences Return 150 150 Protec

As of the 8th of August the Dive Team at Skegness Aquarium are proud to announce the resumption of our educational experiences.

After successful trials with our new COVID-19 measures, we are confident that the conservation message can be spread once again.

For all customers who have stuck by us during this frustrating time we thank you. Please bear with as we attempt to bring participants back in a sustainable way.

For August we will be running at 50% capacity to allow our wonderful inhabitants the chance to get used to divers again. Doing this is essential for the long-term evolution of the experience. This will result in a juggling act with bookings so please DO NOT book accommodation, or any other support service, without first contacting us about the booking.

As a way of ensuring that as many customers are being booked in as possible, we are allocating a percentage of the slots going forward to new customers whilst the majority will go to existing customers who will need to be rescheduled.

In order to achieve the above without breaking our allocated booking allowance, all new bookings and rescheduled dives can be made in advance as far as 2022.

Moving forward the most efficient way of making contact the dive team will be to email [email protected]
Please make contact if in doubt. The dive team will start to make contact via email so please check regularly.